Laminates trend in 2020

Laminates trend in 2020

Laminates trend in 2020

We are in a world everyone is dreaming of their own home and want to make it the best as possible as per their budget. But we at SundekIndia provide you with the topmost designs and quality products at a very affordable price, so that we can help you out in building your dream home. We are the most well-known laminate manufacturer in India

We deal in many categories, be it digital laminates for kitchen or laminate flooring. Many trends are running in the market, and most of them are very affordable and to go for:-

   1. Waterproof Laminate 

   Waterproof flooring is being loved by everyone all around the world as it provides so many benefits. Similarly, waterproof laminate flooring is the new trend of 2020, and many people are thinking of replacing their floors with it. This type is 100% waterproof and can be installed in any place of your house, for example; kitchen, basement and bathroom. Waterproof laminate also provides a stylish and contemporary look to your home.

2. Reclaimed wood look Laminate 

When we try to copy the quality and style of wood finished laminates, it gives us a premium look and feel of the laminates. This is a highly demanding product at our SundekIndia. These are made by the recycling of old materials hence called “reclaimed” wood-look laminate. It is also made from timbers, decking, barns, wine barrels etc.

3. Stone Look Laminate 

Also that we could copy wood texture, we can also do that with stone also looks laminate can also be used as an alternative of tile, ceramic and luxury vinyl. Stone look laminate looks exactly like luxury vinyl or tile, which can be found easily in stores and is not as expensive as it seems. No one would ever be able to tell just by looking that it is not stone but laminate.

We at SundekIndia provide premium quality material at a very affordable price. We are very renowned for our quality and timely service as a laminate manufacturer in India. At our best, we produce high-grade products at a very affordable price. It will surely make an experience when you buy laminate flooring or digital laminates for Kitchen from us. We could able to acknowledge the quality of the product you receive.

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