Latest digital laminates design for wardrobes

Latest digital laminates design for wardrobes

Latest digital laminates design for wardrobes

If you are searching for the latest digital laminates for Wardrobe down the lane and streets in your town, then you are missing something which might change your perspective about the hunt all around. We at SundekIndia provide premium quality digital laminates which are very prominent these days. 

Choose the right digital laminates for your home or office

What we have got is very much essential in most of the offices, home and workspaces. This whole range will change the looks and dimensions all the way possible. We provide more than your expectation at a very affordable price.

Choose from the best digital laminate catalogue:

1. Decorative Laminates

These have greater aesthetic appeal in terms of finishes and patterns. Decorative laminates can be used for doing ornamental overlays on furniture. And there are so many to choose from as well! Take a look at some of the popular decorative laminates.

2. Industrial laminates

These have higher strength and are more resistant to wear and tear. Industrial laminate includes high-performance laminates which are fire retardant, antibacterial and chemical resistant for application in hospitals and other industries.

3. Compact Laminates

The compact laminates consist of individual layers consisting of high-modulus, high-strength fibres in a polymeric, metallic, or ceramic matrix material. Typical fibres used include cellulose, graphite, glass, boron, and silicon carbide, and some matrix materials are epoxies, polyimides, aluminium, titanium, and alumina.

4. Post formed Laminates

These flexible versions are thinner than regular laminates. They are used to wrap around tables, columns etc.

5. Glossy and matte Finishes 

Although available in an array of finishes, the most common are smooth, medium to a high gloss laminate, and matte finishes. Furniture and wall finish often use textured laminates, which replicate the tactile feel of natural materials. Popularly used textures include hand-scraped, rustic wood, metallic and leather finishes.

6. More Durable 

Laminates are relatively durable and scratch-resistant. They are more resistant to wear and tear moisture and heat when compared to veneer and reliable wood products. However, laminated surfaces tend to warp when exposed to excess water. 

Why us?

We at SundekIndia provide the best quality digital laminates for Wardrobe that are both designed and manufactured as per the latest standards and expectations. Our BDM will help you with the latest digital laminates catalogue for acknowledging you about the designs that we have served so far in the residential and industrial places. 

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