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About Sundek

SUNDEK Group is the pioneer in Building and Interior Decor Products in India, bringing your imaginations to life since 1970. SUNDEK is known for its quality products, quality of dealings along with innovative designs and products for interior and exterior decor. It’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are equipped with ultra-modern imported machineries and best technical practices adopted from across the globe. SUNDEK gains its strength from;

  • Wide Network
  • Dynamic Teamwork
  • Exclusive Products and Designs
  • Ethical and Transparent Conduct
  • Quality and Excellent Customer Service
  • Continuous Innovation
About Sundek
Salient Feature Sundek

Salient Features of Sundek

Pioneers of Building and Interior Decor Products like Decorative Laminated Sheets, Plywoods, Doors, Wall Panels, Ceiling Tiles, Claddings, Prelam Boards and more in India

  • No compromise on quality (therefore the prices are usually higher
    than the other laminate brands).
  • Largest range of designs and specialty grade products in India.
  • Pre-Laminated Board Plant with the largest size in India (17’x7′).
  • Products conforming to National and International Standards
  • Products are certified by FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association).
  • New innovative products yet in pipeline

Mission & Vision

The company now is spearheaded to heavily concentrate on exploring full potential of value added products like Exterior Facade Laminates – Changing the total outlook of buildings. Digital Laminates enabling people to live their UNIQUE LIFE, Compact Laminates – To replace plywood and thereby provide multi-dimensional advantage and make EARTH GREENER, Flooring Laminates to suit dusty and water prone Indian interior environment. 

The current furniture being imported from china are not sustainable in Indian Interiors. At the same time, since labour is going too expensive, time – space – effort consuming, manual carpenter made furniture have outlived their life. The company hence intends to provide factory made ready to assemble modular and durable furniture that can stand Indian way of using them at a reasonable price.


We prefer to earn out of relations rather than transactions. Your success is our happiness and your happiness is our success. Doing good to everyone is an integral part of our business strategy.

vision mission
Why Sundek

Why Sundek

We are known for quality, creativity and innovation. We never design things that has no life in near future, either they are our designs or art; they live for decades delivering good quality and durability.

Anti Ageing Now, after years of research, we present for the first time, a formula that will add to your furniture’s lifeline. Sundek products made with a super protective resin formed by a hitech fusion of unique formula. This makes our products highly resistant to daily wear and tear. Also Sundek’s high technology property makes the product resistant to white ants, termite, fungus and other bacteria.

With the Sundek Anti-Ageing formula, your furniture can stands the test of time.

King of Designs Sundek has the highest number of designs in all manufacturers all over India. We have more than 600 designs to choose for your wide variety of needs. Sundek designs are away from the crowd. We specially choose our designs to be different than what is available in the market. Thus our designs are uncommon and exotic to make your interiors an exclusive master piece.

Relationship before Profit  At Sundek, we give more importance to relationship with customers, suppliers, employees as compared to profiteering. We believe in benefiting from long term relations rather than short term profit making.

Excellent Customer Service We have oldest and widest network in entire India. We deliver, therefore from anywhere to anywhere in India, in shortest possible time. We maintain large stocks of laminates at every stock point. This helps you to preserve Project deadlines.

Quality by Control From raw material to finished products, entire factory is working under exacting standards well followed since 1987 without any allowance. We control the quality of our products stringently to keep you happy.

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