A Delightful Entrance make the Day much Beautiful. It is said that the first impression is usually the last and this is true especially for entrance to our homes. Though the entrance creates a lasting impression on visitors mind but some how doors remain unnoticed unless they are elegantly done or completely in a bad shape. Doors are an important requirement and element in every home and should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also have features like durability, strength, water and heat resistance and it should not warp with time. Gone are the days when doors were used for the mere purpose of maintaining privacy and security. Doors these days have become a beautiful structure and an integral part of home’s interior.

A SUNDEK DARVAZA has a basic structure composed of solid core, vertical stiles, and horizontal rails that create a pre-fixed frame. The blockboard is composed of wooden strips that are placed edge-to-edge and sandwiched between core veneers and bonded under high pressure and temperature using a Phenol Formaldehyde Resin. So in a simpler term, its a door that is made of a timber frame covered with core from both the sides and then the hollow part inside is filled with rectangular blocks of wood. Then a decorative finish is given by fixing core veneer on the top. SUNDEK DARVAZA has an entirely smooth surface so that if water should be splashed on its surface, it would simply flow off its surface without accumulation.

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