Sundek Platinum Club Plywood

Sundek Platinum Club Plywood is made to undergo a unique production technique that ensures each Plywood is gapless. The brand offers the best facades, veneers, latest laminate designs and designer plywood in India

Sundek Platinum Club Plywood is considered to be the most ideal material for all type of constructions and in the manufacture of quality furniture because of its inherent rigid construction with Phenolic Formaldehyde Resin to withstand all types of climatic and weather conditions and against strenuous and vulnerable uses.


  • Sundek Platinum Club Plywood is made to undergo a unique production technique that ensures each plywood is gapless. Extra strength to give long lasting life, Infection free to ward off termites, Able to withstand more weight, All in all, a plywood is as solid as Metal
  • Sundek Platinum Club Plywood is subject to a unique AAF process where the product passes through 3 different stages of heat & chemical treatment in a vacuum pressure impregnation process. This optimum treatment of veneer through AAF process increases the inherent strength of the product manifold. Platinum Club therefore has such qualities that make it stand the test of time.
  • Sundek Platinum Club is Marine grade Plywood bonded with high quality Phenol Formaldehyde synthetic resin and processed through high temperature and pressure to keep the bonding intact even with 72 hours of boiling.
  • Every Platinum Club Plywood is treated with unique Chemical Treatment that makes it truly proof to borer and Termite attacks. This extra-ordinary mechanism encompasses wide ranging procedures.
  • Sundek Platinum Club is most popular plywood among Architects, Interior designers and Ship & Boat manufacturers.
  • Sundek Platinum Club plywood comes under Sundek’s Loyalty – Life Time Warranty.
Sundek Platinum Club


Tested and Trusted Features For Incomparable Plywood Products

100% Guaranteed Thickness
Best Dimensional Stability
100% Defect Free
Quality Double-Checked
Water Proof Marine Plywood
High Load Bearing Capacity
All Weather Resistant
Termite Borer & Fungus Resistant
Wider Core And Panel
High Nail and Screw Holding Capacity

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